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Spencer Nicks: Pigtails and BabyOil Video

Spencer Nicks frolics around in pigtails and a thong that can barely contain her big round juicy ass. It gets even better as she drips baby oil all over between her big natural boobs!

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Spencer Nicks – My Reflection – Part 1 Video

Spencer Nicks tries to tease, hiding her sweet hard nipples from our view as she dances around so sexy (sexily?)…but, unbeknownst to her, the reflection in the windows betrays her as she spins around to take off her bikini top, giving us full view of her big topless titties!

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Spencer Nicks – Strawberries and Cream Video

Spencer Nicks has the smoothest skin I have ever seen. Her secret to such suppleness? Milk baths! And for some reason, rubbing sweet strawberries over her nipples. Hey, I’m no dermatologist but she has me convinced!

Maybe you can ask her to sell you some of that milkshake to drink it right up?

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Spencer Nicks: Sexy and Funny Video

Spencer Nicks latest video; it’s supposed to be sexy and funny, but really it’s sexy and sexy…and sexy!

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Spencer Nicks – Wet and Sheer Zipset

Spencer Nicks just released a new zipset!! She’s wearing some of the sheerest lingerie that I have ever seen, and that includes the thong! Then she proceeds to take things a step further wetting down her nipples and pussy with a spray bottle. Too hot for me to handle!!

24 Min – 1440×1080 – HD Video!

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I know, I know…the stars suck, right? But want to make them disappear? Just click here! Magic! lol

193 – 2000×1333 – Photos!

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Spencer Nicks – Post Gym Cam Time! Let’s get sweaty! Camshow

Here is some sexy video of Spencer Nicks topless from her webcam show on September 4, 2012. Her next live camshow will be Friday, September 14th at 5PM EST. Click here to watch and chat with her!

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Spencer Nicks -Afternoon Delight Video

Spencer Nicks nipples are so hot…they need bandaids! Watch as she takes the teasing to the next level, peeling them off so slowly as she dances around naked! OMG!

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Spencer Nicks – Blue Jumpsuit Love Video

Here is a sexy Spencer Nicks video of her stripping off her blue jumpsuit in bed. She has such a great ass!

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Spencer Nicks – Glow Hula Dance Video

Spencer Nicks is pretty good at swinging a hula hoop around her curvy teen hips. So she’s trying to up her game a bit and do it in the dark with a glowing hula hoop! And it gets even better that she’s wearing a slingshot thong bikini!

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Spencer Nicks – Baby Pool Party Time

Spencer Nicks likes to party naked in her baby pool!

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