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Sexy Pattycake: Tongue Tickled Zip Video

Pattycake’s newest zip video just got released! Watch as she experiments for the very first time with a tickling dildo in her shower. It must really tickle her funny bone as she cums hard over and over again very loudly! And by funny bone, I really mean smooth wet pussy. This video clocks in at 30 mins and she really fills that time with some sexy self satisfaction. Check the trailer below!

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Sexy Pattycake: Red Satin New Year Video

Sexy Pattycake gets more and more daring every year, and this is the first year she’s started off masturbating with a dildo! Glad the Mayans were wrong because it looks like good things are in store for 2013!

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Sexy Pattycake – Melted Milkshake I Video

Sexy Pattycake is feeling quite smurfy in this video. While there might be more permanent ways to turn yourself blue, the by product of Pattycake also getting wet and messy makes this my favorite option!

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Sexy Pattycake – ShowerCam 2 Video

Sexy Pattycake must drop the soap in this video people she bends over a lot with nice views of her wet pussy and round phat ass!

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Sexy Pattycake – NEW Cyber Monday Zips Coming

Sexy Pattycake keeps coming up with ways to drive me wild! All her premium zip releases have gotten hotter and hotter and she keeps pushing the bar to new levels of sexiness while still teasing the pants off me. Literally. Sometimes, I think she can’t go any further, but now she is ready to release not one but TWO premium zips on Cyber Monday (November 26) and they are also video of her first experimentation with another girl! Fuck me!!

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Sexy Pattycake – My Secret Stash I Video

I love looking at Sexy Pattycake to get me going, but you even wonder what she looks at to get going? That’s right girls masturbate to porn, too, no matter how much they deny it! lol

For the first time ever, Pattycake reveals her secret stash of porn! She’s going old school, DVD and some magazines, but her vibrators are definitely new school! She gets a little carried away tugging on her panties that you can start to see her pussy lips peak through as she penetrates herself with her fingers. I can’t wait for the sequel to this video!

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Sexy Pattycake – Darling Pattycake Limited Time Only Video

Sexy Pattycake just posted a new Limited Time Only video! Watch as she slides her middle finger deep inside in wet pussy. So tight, it’s all she needs as she loses it cumming so hard with her legs completely spread eagle. Pattycake’s Limited Time Only videos are my favorite, but you need to join right now before she deletes it in a few days!

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Sexy Pattycake – Little Devil II

This Halloween season really brought out the sexy freak in a lot of these girls, but Pattycake is still the horniest devil of them all! Happy Halloween, everybody!

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Sexy Pattycake – I Braaains Zombies Video

Sexy Pattycake makes such a sexy zombie, but I’m not sure braaains is what she is craving.

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Sexy Pattycake – Fun With Paint I Video

Pattycake gets wet and messy with paint in the shower in her latest video. She’s been caught red green handed spanking her own ass! lol

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