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Nikki Sims: Desert Video

Nikki Sims has some sweet tits! She tries to make them even sweeter (literally) in her latest video by spraying her nipples down with a coat of delicious whipped cream. Though, I have to say, not nearly as fun as in person when you can lick it off.

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Nikki Sims: Baby Oil Corset Video

Nikki Sims uses baby oil to try to stuff her massive full natural breasts into a tight corset. That doesn’t work so well as she still ends up topless by the end of this video!

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Nikki Sims: Happy New Year Video

Nikki Sims bounces in the new year like only she can. She’ll make YOUR balls drop in baby oil and bandaid nipples, titty fucking a balloon. Little does she know the effect that baby oil has on the adhesiveness of bandaids.

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Nikki Sims – Pink Vibe Video

Nikki Sims loves her pink vibe so much that she doesn’t realize her nipple is showing in her latest video!!

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Nikki Sims – Titty Tease Video

Nikki Sims unzips her sheer hoodie to give one big titty tease. Or should I say two big titty teases? Two big titties teasing…five golden rings! Sorry, got carried away there; Nikki Sims big boobs tend to do that to me. Either way, I’m surprised she was able to keep those beautiful milk mounds from flying out all over the place. You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!

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Nikki Sims – Lollipop Video

Nikki Sims pops cherry in more than one way in her latest video! She sucks on a delicious cherry red lollipop, geting it all wet and sticky before she slides it between her big tits and against her nard nipples getting them so fucking sweet. But Nikki is insatiable and doesn’t feel her lollipop is just quite sweet enough…she thinks of something else wet and sticky that she wants to taste on her candy.

Find out if she likes how it tastes…

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Nikki Sims – Oily Goodness Video

Nikki Sims finally makes the jump to handjobs and titty fucking in her newest video!

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Nikki Sims – Messy Messy Video

Nikki Sims boobs are pretty fantastic. This we all know, but did you know they can also be used to make cakes for any occasion? Who wants to lick the spoon? 🙂

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Nikki Sims – Cheesy Porno Dialogue

Nikki Sims has the best Halloween costume. You may think she’s a sexy girl scout going door-to-door selling her cookies but you’d be wrong. It’s like the difference between a zombie and a zombie redneck torture family, or a lion and a sea lion, or the New York Yankees and the New York Mets. No, Nikki Sims is really a naughty girl scout trapped in an early nineties porno flick filmed on video cassete!

The thing is, Nikki Sims gets a little too carried away being in character and takes it out on the camera man unzipping his pants while getting down on her knees before him, making him swell so big in her hands before she takes his hard cock in her mouth!

Needless to say even before that happens, you get the clearest shot of her smooth wet pussy that I have ever seen! Trick or fucking Treat?

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Nikki Sims – Spray Video

This new video has Nikki Sims in heart pasties and thong and with a spray bottle filled with baby oil. O…M..G!

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